About Startup|Energy

Startup|Energy is a joint initiative of the University of Freiburg and the Solar Energy Foundation (Freiburg) to promote regional and international exchanges between start-ups in the field of decentralised, renewable energy supply.

Climate change and resource scarcity demand decentralized, renewable energy systems and smart solutions worldwide. This requires constant innovation, embedded in local contexts, to achieve the greatest impact. Startups solve the challenges of a decentralized, renewable energy supply out of their own context.

Startup|Energy promotes the development of start-ups in the field of decentralized renewable energy supply and supports their exchange with each other and with each other in two regions:

  • D-A-CH: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • East African Community: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda

This is not about the one-sided transfer of knowledge, but about an equal exchange of ideas and solutions for the respective region.

A project for the exchange of knowledge between two continents

As different as the initial situation and the experiences of local start-ups in Germany and East Africa are, it combines a common concern: clean and secure energy supply through decentralised, renewable energies. The diversity of experiences is quite an advantage, but it is not yet sufficiently used for start-up support to creatively develop new approaches and solutions for the respective markets.

The goal: To learn from other local contexts for your own startup idea.