The goal of the programme is to provide youth with the tools, knowledge, and support needed to develop and implement their ideas. Youth-led start-ups, scale-ups, and growth businesses now can be supported by IRENA to foster their growth and business acceleration. IRENA will collaborate closely with its partners to provide successful participants with access to funding opportunities, business networks, and other resources to help them bring their ideas to market.
IRENA, supported by the United Arab Emirates, has established the NewGen Renewable Energy Accelerator (NewGen) programme to empower youth to be active participants in the energy transition. NewGen supports the development and implementation of youth-led solutions in the climate and sustainable energy sectors by acting as a global showcase for youth-led innovation.
The Africa Prize offers a unique benefits package for up to 16 shortlisted participants to help accelerate their business. The Academy’s network of African entrepreneurs, researchers and institutions work across different sectors improving sustainability, generating employment and progressing technology. The guide below outlines the four areas where African innovations are making a difference to their communities.
The program will support entrepreneurs located in Africa that are establishing new businesses spanning finance, mobility, e-commerce, and talent-tech after the success of the first program in 2022.

Open end

Do you have a mature product or business idea and/or a first prototype for the decentralised renewable energy sector in sub-Saharan Africa? Startup|Energy’s main value add over is the strong focus on long-term support through continuous, high-quality coaching and building and maintaining a thriving sub-Saharan startup community that will support you over a long period of time.
KCV provides funding and technical assistance that enables entrepreneurial organizations to develop more robust products or services and demonstrate their value to intended users.
P4G is now accepting concept notes for high-impact partnerships implementing innovative business models to accelerate achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Each awarded partnership will benefit from some combination of services, tailored to the partnership’s specific needs and path toward commercialization.
We work with early-stage tech start-ups across Africa. What does that mean? If your solution creates or relies on technology to solve a problem, has an MVP and a bit of traction you are welcome to apply. We don’t expect you to be turning a profit at this stage, but revenue is expected as people paying for your product tells us that you are solving a real market problem.