Analog Devices and TWAICE join forces to advance battery lifecycle optimization

Battery analytics software expert TWAICE today announced a collaboration with Analog Devices, Inc. a global semiconductor company and software solutions provider. The aim of the cooperation is to master the challenges of battery life cycle optimization. The unique combination of Analog Devices’ advanced sensor technology and wireless connectivity with TWAICE’s battery analysis software will benefit customers in the mobility and energy sectors. The alliance will help to significantly reduce warranty risks and recalls, optimize battery life and increase the value of batteries.

Strong duo for more sustainability

Analog Devices is a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of a broad portfolio of high-performance analog mixed-signal and digital signal processing solutions used in virtually all types of electronic devices. The company is also the market leader in battery management solutions. The collaboration with Munich-based software company TWAICE, whose software platform offers end-to-end battery analysis solutions, enables the optimization of the entire battery life cycle.

Mobility is at a turning point: electrified drives are replacing combustion engines. From 2035, only zero-emission new cars will be registered in Europe, as envisaged by the new European Green Deal. The reliability and cost-effectiveness of batteries are critical to the widespread adoption of renewable energy and electric vehicles. The performance and lifetime of batteries play a key role in the sustainability of the solutions in which they are used, but assessing them is often a challenge. “Precise data combined with advanced predictive battery analytics will shed light on what is critical to unlocking undiscovered potential across the value chain,” said Dr. Stephan Rohr, co-CEO of TWAICE.

A collaboration for the entire life cycle

“The battery is the power source for any electric vehicle, as well as a valuable asset,” said Patrick Morgan, vice president of automotive at Analog Devices. “Together with TWAICE, we deliver innovative, end-to-end battery lifecycle solutions that create significant value for our customers and support a circular economy.”

Extension of the value chain

The aim of the collaboration is to provide a holistic lifecycle solution for automotive manufacturers with integrated hardware and software. A complete end-to-end solution is offered with state-of-the-art battery measurements via a wireless battery management system. Analog Devices’ sensor technology delivers data and data quality that was previously unavailable. TWAICE can provide the critical insights into battery performance that automotive companies around the world want. The integration of sensor and communication solutions from Analog Devices creates an ideal data basis. The resulting forecasts enable qualified statements to be made about the value and usability of the battery at any point in its life cycle.

“Working with Analog Devices is a critical milestone for us in expanding our customer outreach and launching newly developed products globally, as the company has decades of market expertise and a large sales organization in the automotive and energy industries,” said Dr. Michael Baumann, co-CEO of TWAICE.


TWAICE provides predictive analytics software that optimizes both the development and operation of lithium-ion batteries. The core technology of TWAICE is the digital twin – software that uses artificial intelligence to determine battery condition and predict aging and performance. This makes it possible to make complex battery systems more efficient, sustainable and reliable. As a leading provider of battery analytics software to global mobility and energy companies, TWAICE increases the durability, efficiency and sustainability of products that drive tomorrow’s economy. More at

About Analog Devices

Analog Devices, Inc. operates at the center of the modern digital economy, transforming phenomena into actionable insights with its comprehensive suite of analog, mixed-signal, power management, radio frequency (RF), digital and sensor technologies. ADI serves 125,000 customers worldwide with more than 75,000 products for the industrial, communications, automotive and consumer markets. ADI is headquartered in Wilmington, MA. More at

Source: TWAICE