Award for
Digital Innovations
in Clean Energy

Please fill out the application form carefully and completely. Attach your pitch deck and send the application to Startup|Energy.

End of application period: July 19, 2024 at 23:59 EAT

I. Contact Person

II. Team members (if any)

III. Which university are you or your startup affiliated with?

IV. General information on the business idea



V. Your Presentation / Pitch Deck

Please upload your Pitch Deck about your innovation / Business idea. The presentation must answer the following topics on a maximum of 6 slides :
Slide 0: Title
Slide 1: The problem / need: Which challenge in the energy sector or in livelihood are you addressing? What ist he pain point you are addressing? For whom ist he a challenge and why? Why it’s a problem worth solving?
Slide 2: The solution / product offering: How do you solve the challenge and what makes your solution better? What do you do differently from other attempted solutions?
Slide 3: Target customers / market traction: Who is your ideal customer? What ist he total market size? Give us an impression of the number of people who would buy your solution.
Slide 4: How to reach customers / pricing strategy: How would you like to earn money with your innovation? Identify the various revenue streams in your business.
Slide 5: Costing, Marging, Profitability: Tell us more about your financial planning, what growth you expect, when you will be profitable
Slide 6: Team: Who is working on this innovation, what is the knowledge background/study?

Upload your Pitch Deck / Presentation (pdf, max 10MB) with the mentioned slides only. Pitches with more slides will not be accepted:
Optional: File with more information about the product, e.g. pictures or detailed technical description (max 5MB).


VI. Legal requirements