Conditions of participation
Startup|Energy Accelerator


The full eligibility criteria are listed here.

At least one person must attend all events (coaching sessions / workshops) per startup.

Each participant is only entitled to participate in his own name and in person and may only participate once, i.e. with a project (business idea). Multiple submissions can be rejected.

After successful submission of the application, the applicant will receive a corresponding confirmation by e-mail. Information from the application will be shared with a selection panel for the purpose of evaluation and selection.

The selection of the participating startups entitled to take part following an interview will be decided on the basis of the free judgement of the organizers of Startup|Energy, whereby this decision does not require any justification. The decision of the organizers is mandatory and binding, no possibility of appeal is provided.

Before the start of the joint work within the Startup|Energy Accelerator, the work objectives as well as mutual obligations and rights are defined in a written agreement.

Eligibility requirement

Participation in Startup|Energy requires, in addition to eligibility, the complete completion and submission of the registration form provided on the website The registration is made exclusively electronically and cannot be done by post.

By submitting the application, the applicants confirm the correctness and completeness of the information. Those who provide false information about their person or the business idea submitted are excluded from participation.

The organizer of Startup|Energy assumes no liability for the loss or possible damage of the submitted documents.


Choosing Startups for Startup|Energy and participation in the program take place under exclusion of legal action. There is no entitlement to participation; the organizer reserves the right to exclude applicants. The organizer also reserves the right to cancel the program at any time without giving reasons.

Rights of use

Participants ensure that the presentation of their business idea or business model does not violate any legal regulations or the rights of third parties. These include, for example, copyrights, trademark rights, design, design or patent rights. In the event of a violation of the rights of third parties, the participants are responsible for this and provide the organizer of Startup|Energy from the financial consequences as well as the reasonable costs of legal defense.

It is the responsibility of the participants to ensure the novelty of their inventions by means of possible patent applications or legal protection against publication in the context of the competition. The participants are aware that the presentation of their concepts can eliminate the novelty of any subsequent patent applications. The participants themselves are responsible for this. The organizer of Startup|Energy assumes no liability in this respect.

The participants agree to make available photographic material for publications and public relations purposes. The participants guarantee that the holders of the necessary rights (copyright) in the works they transmit or, if applicable, transmitted image material. If a participant is not the sole author or rights holder, he/she expressly declares that he/she has the necessary rights to participate in the contest.

Should third parties nevertheless assert claims for violation of their rights, the participating startup shall inseptake the organizer of Startup Energy from all claims, including the reasonable costs of legal defense.

The participants vacate Startup|Energy and the initiators of the works or pictorial material they transmit have subsequent simple, temporally and spatially unlimited but not exclusive rights of use, namely the right to store the image material on a server as well as the right to use the work, etc., in whole or in part to the public via the Startup|Energy newsletters, social media (especially Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter) and the Startup|Energy website (particularly to the interested public. The participants also grant the right to use the images for the application of Startup|Energy as well as the right to edit the image material, whereby the image must not be alienated.

Postponement and early termination

The organizer reserves the right to prematurely terminate, postpone or change the course of the Startup|Energy program in whole or in part, even without observing any deadlines, if it is not possible to guarantee proper implementation for technical or legal reasons.

If such termination is caused by the conduct of a participant, the organizer may demand compensation from that person for the damage incurred.


The data processing is carried out on the basis of the GDPR. Applicants must provide the personal data required for the preparation and implementation of the event. Without this data, we will not be able to process the application sufficiently. Without the deployment, we would not be able to process an application.

Recipients of personal data

Internal recipients: Only those people who need them for the purposes mentioned for processing have access.

External recipients: We only pass on personal data to external recipients if this is necessary for processing or handling your enquiry, if there is other legal permission or if we have your consent to do so.

Applicants and participants in Smart|Energy share the permission to pass on the data given in the application to jurors, coaches, experts. Permission is also granted to share a list of applications with network partners, sponsors and other partners. This list consists of the following fields of application: first name, name, place, telephone and email of the contact person, title of the business idea, short description, if necessary website.

Withdrawal of this consent is possible at any time and in written form (postal, e-mail or fax) to Startup|Energy. Insofar as the right of objection is exercised, we will stop processing the data concerned, unless we can prove, in accordance with the legal requirements, compelling grounds worthy of protection for further processing, which outweigh the rights of the applicants and participants. If, in the event of a revocation, we are unable to fully perform the services under the Program to the Startup concerned, the Startup may be excluded from further progress under the Program.


These Terms and Conditions remain valid even if individual terms prove to be invalid. The provision in question shall be replaced by one which is as far as possible in line with the economic purpose originally sought.

The German version of the terms and conditions of participation is solely decisive for the interpretation of differences in relation to the English version.

Ancillary agreements are only legally binding if they are made in writing or confirmed in writing.

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies. Legal action is excluded. For any disputes, the place of jurisdiction is the competent court in Freiburg i.Br.