Elec­tro­mo­bil­i­ty from Africa for Africa: Five African start-ups receive inno­va­tion award for e‑mobility solutions

In the Siemens Stiftung’s first com­pe­ti­tion in the field of elec­tro­mo­bil­i­ty, five African social enter­pris­es will receive prize mon­ey of between 10,000 and 50,000 euros. The win­ners stand out for their inno­v­a­tive solu­tions and sus­tain­able and inclu­sive busi­ness mod­els. In total, over 100 appli­ca­tions were received from 19 African countries.

The award­ed social enter­pris­es are:

MicroMek Ltd. (Malawi)

Inno­va­tion: 3‑D print­ed drones made from local recy­cled mate­ri­als used in rur­al and hard-to-reach areas to trans­port essen­tial med­i­cines for women and children.

BEAM Sarl. (Burk­i­na Faso)

Inno­va­tion: mobile solar-pow­ered plat­form that facil­i­tates agri­cul­tur­al work such as plough­ing, pump­ing or load car­ry­ing for peo­ple in rur­al com­mu­ni­ties and helps to increase yields and incomes.

Solar Taxi Ltd. (Ghana)

Inno­va­tion: elec­tric-pow­ered small vehi­cles (from elec­tric motor­bikes to mini-cars) for couri­er and taxi ser­vices; the bat­ter­ies need­ed are pro­duced local­ly; Solar Taxi is active­ly research­ing reuse and sus­tain­able recy­cling; the engi­neer­ing team is made up of women.

Green­foot Africa Ltd. (Tan­za­nia)

Inno­va­tion: Mar­ket­place app for per­ish­able food — a solu­tion that enables local traders to deliv­er their goods effi­cient­ly and cost-effec­tive­ly direct­ly to cus­tomers using e‑motorbikes.

ThinkBikes Ltd. (Nige­ria)

Inno­va­tion: local­ly pro­duced and inno­v­a­tive elec­tric bicy­cles as well as a rental sys­tem for school insti­tu­tions and uni­ver­si­ties to intro­duce the top­ic of elec­tric mobil­i­ty to the younger gen­er­a­tion in particular.