Electromobility from Africa for Africa: Five African start-ups receive innovation award for e-mobility solutions

In the Siemens Stiftung’s first competition in the field of electromobility, five African social enterprises will receive prize money of between 10,000 and 50,000 euros. The winners stand out for their innovative solutions and sustainable and inclusive business models. In total, over 100 applications were received from 19 African countries.

The awarded social enterprises are:

MicroMek Ltd. (Malawi)

Innovation: 3-D printed drones made from local recycled materials used in rural and hard-to-reach areas to transport essential medicines for women and children.

BEAM Sarl. (Burkina Faso)

Innovation: mobile solar-powered platform that facilitates agricultural work such as ploughing, pumping or load carrying for people in rural communities and helps to increase yields and incomes.

Solar Taxi Ltd. (Ghana)

Innovation: electric-powered small vehicles (from electric motorbikes to mini-cars) for courier and taxi services; the batteries needed are produced locally; Solar Taxi is actively researching reuse and sustainable recycling; the engineering team is made up of women.

Greenfoot Africa Ltd. (Tanzania)

Innovation: Marketplace app for perishable food – a solution that enables local traders to deliver their goods efficiently and cost-effectively directly to customers using e-motorbikes.

ThinkBikes Ltd. (Nigeria)

Innovation: locally produced and innovative electric bicycles as well as a rental system for school institutions and universities to introduce the topic of electric mobility to the younger generation in particular.