Energy Camp Africa

Energy Camp Africa

You have a mature product or business idea and/or already a first prototype for the decentralized renewable energy sector in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Then Energy Camp Africa is the right place for you!

Individuals and teams from East Africa who are in the (pre-) start-up phase with their mature idea or whose company was founded no longer than five years ago can participate.

This is what participation brings you:

Participants of the Energy Camp Africa 2022

Here’s what participants at Energy Camp Africa have to say:

  • “Energy Camp was a moment for us to meet, share, learn and grow. The networks and insights we gained there were invaluable and will help us greatly in building a stronger business.”
  • “With the help of our coaches, we’ve been able to identify additional sources of income and, more importantly, find a solution for our clients who are struggling with repayments.”
  • “Energy Camp was just awesome!”
If you are selected to participate in the Energy Camp:
  • you receive an individual coaching by experienced entrepreneurs. This is how you develop your business idea and your business plan.
  • you take part in the workshop in Kampala or Nairobi. Here your concept is once again critically questioned by the other startups and experts. This gives you valuable insights into how your business idea can become a success.
  • you take part in the final Startup|Energy Award. The winner will receive a prize of 5,000 euros for the further development of his product.

And after that? It continues!

  • As a Fellow of Startup|Energy, we will connect you with partners from the Startup|Energy community: Investors, Partner Companies, Accelerators.
  • You will receive a free membership for one year with our partner Africa Solar Industry Association (AFSIA) and can take advantage of the benefits of this industry association.
  • If desired, you will receive further coaching to further develop your business idea.
  • We increase the visibility of your startup by publishing in the industry’s leading news portal: Sun-Connect News.
  • You can present your startup idea to an international audience in a webinar hosted by AFSIA and Startup|Energy.

Terms and conditions

All applications must meet the following criteria:

Business activity

Your startup must operate in one of these areas of decentralized renewable energy supply:

  • Production from renewable energy sources
  • Smart Living, for example energy for health, education, water, sanitation, consumption, mobility, agriculture
  • Energy-efficient products and services
  • Financing solutions
  • Resilience Engineering
  • Storage systems
  • Energy distribution
  • Measuring and control systems

Business region

Your startup must be registered or in the pre-establishment phase in a country of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Other requirements

Individuals and teams from sub-Saharan Africa who are in the pre-founding phase or whose founding did not take place more than 5 years ago can participate.

The startup must have an existing product that is less than 5 years old.

The startup must have already implemented a pilot project or won its first pilot customers.

The startup has received less than 500k euros from non-African investors so far.


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