The 2023 event hosts three tracks: the Africa Mon­ey & DeFi Sum­mit, the Africa Start­up Sum­mit and the Africa Mobile & App Sum­mit, which brings togeth­er tech play­ers from across the con­ti­nent. This year’s Africa Tech Sum­mit will fea­ture 150 speak­ers across two stages, mas­ter­class ses­sions, an exhi­bi­tion and mul­ti­ple net­work­ing events. 
IREC is a high-lev­el pol­i­cy con­fer­ence series focused exclu­sive­ly on the sus­tain­able ener­gy tran­si­tion, serv­ing as a col­lab­o­ra­tive plat­form for gov­ern­ment, pri­vate sec­tor, and civ­il soci­ety lead­ers to dis­cuss how to advance renew­able ener­gy deploy­ment. More than 60 high-lev­el rep­re­sen­ta­tives will par­tic­i­pate in this out­stand­ing high-lev­el con­fer­ence on renew­able energy. 
In con­nect­ing peo­ple and organ­i­sa­tions to infor­ma­tion and each oth­er, the Sum­mit brings the glob­al investor com­mu­ni­ty, project own­ers and busi­ness exec­u­tives focused on green trans­port, renew­able ener­gy and clean tech­nolo­gies, togeth­er with African gov­ern­ments, cities, and pol­i­cy mak­ers to pave the way for an inclu­sive green econ­o­my and a sus­tain­able future. 
Solar Africa — Solar Exhi­bi­tion in Tan­za­nia is an indus­try that trans­forms var­i­ous resources into the phys­i­cal, eco­nom­ic and social infra­struc­ture nec­es­sary for socio-eco­nom­ic development. 
The Sankalp Africa Sum­mit is an event that inspires col­lab­o­ra­tion across the entre­pre­neur­ial ecosys­tem to solve glob­al chal­lenges in a sus­tain­able way. We believe entre­pre­neurs are reshap­ing Africa’s eco­nom­ic oppor­tu­ni­ties to improve the lives of millions. 
The Africa Ener­gy Ind­a­ba Con­fer­ence will dis­cuss, debate and seek solu­tions for appro­pri­ate ener­gy gen­er­a­tion across the con­ti­nent. Del­e­gates from every con­ti­nent rep­re­sent a unique com­bi­na­tion of indus­try experts, project devel­op­ers, financiers, ener­gy users, gov­ern­ment rep­re­sen­ta­tives and manufacturers. 
ARE Ener­gy Access Invest­ment Forum (EAIF 2023) is the top annu­al busi­ness and finance event for the renew­able elec­tri­fi­ca­tion sec­tor, enabling and fos­ter­ing busi­ness and investor part­ner­ships for the pur­pose of sus­tain­able elec­tric­i­ty access, decar­bon­i­sa­tion, eco­nom­ic growth and fight­ing against cli­mate change. 
The event becomes an impor­tant and sig­nif­i­cant pro­gres­sive enabler in bring­ing togeth­er both cap­tains of indus­tries and key pol­i­cy­mak­ers across the con­ti­nent and beyond to con­sid­er and imag­ine a world we would all like to live in, includ­ing future generations. 
Apt­ly themed ‘Shap­ing the Future of Ener­gy for Val­ue Cre­ation’, the lead­ing event will bring togeth­er var­i­ous per­spec­tives from across the ener­gy val­ue chain to serve as a cat­a­lyst for impor­tant con­ver­sa­tions shap­ing the future of ener­gy in Namib­ia and the rest of the con­ti­nent towards val­ue creation. 
A glob­al 2‑day con­fer­ence with over 200 speak­ers cov­er­ing the lat­est trends, mar­ket dis­rup­tors and tech­nolo­gies shap­ing the ener­gy sector. 
Enlit Africa hosts Africa’s entire pow­er & ener­gy indus­try in this pre­mier con­fer­ence and exhi­bi­tion space. Enlit Africa includes live and dig­i­tal events, exhi­bi­tions, and exclu­sive one-on-one inter­views with lead­ers in the ener­gy sector. 
The 08th Solar Expo Kenya will not only serve as a plat­form in Kenya but the entire East and Cen­tral African region. The par­tic­i­pa­tion in 2023 is expect­ed to rise by at least 30% owing to the ever increas­ing need of solar projects and prod­ucts in Africa. While exhibitors from 14 coun­tries par­tic­i­pat­ed in 2019, the fig­ures in 2023 are expect­ed to reach 20 countries. 
We will now start our jour­ney to Nairo­bi, Kenya, where we will host our 25th Africa Ener­gy Forum on 20–23 June 2023. Once again we unite gov­ern­ments, util­i­ties and reg­u­la­tors with devel­op­ment finance insti­tu­tions, com­mer­cial banks, pow­er devel­op­ers, tech­nol­o­gy providers, EPCs and pro­fes­sion­al services. 
The 2023 edi­tion of Infra­struc­ture Africa will be host­ed as a vir­tu­al con­fer­ence to keep shar­ing infor­ma­tion relat­ing to the busi­ness oppor­tu­ni­ty around infra­struc­ture devel­op­ment in Africa. 
Nige­ria Ener­gy, will bring togeth­er con­trac­tors, devel­op­ers, investors, project own­ers, and util­i­ties to net­work and devel­op reli­able pow­er solu­tions for the country’s peak ener­gy demand and pave the way for decentralisation. 
Green Ener­gy Africa Sum­mit is the glob­al plat­form for stim­u­lat­ing deals and trans­ac­tions across the African Ener­gy Indus­try. The event brings togeth­er gov­ern­ments, nation­al reg­u­la­tors and util­i­ty com­pa­nies, inde­pen­dent pow­er play­ers, investors, finan­cial insti­tu­tions and ser­vice providers. The sum­mit will dri­ve deals and invest­ment into ener­gy projects, pro­vide ener­gy access and solu­tions for the con­ti­nent and shape the future of Africa. 
MWC Africa brings togeth­er indus­try sec­tors, busi­ness lead­ers and pol­i­cy­mak­ers with the region’s mobile ecosys­tem to dis­cuss the continent’s ambi­tion to enhance the pow­er of connectivity. 

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