An initiative by

Solar Energy Foundation and

University of Freiburg

To learn from other local contexts for your own startup idea

We support startups that offer solutions for building a decentralized, renewable energy supply and use.

Energy Camps in Freiburg and East Africa (Kampala) optimize your business model for the local market and broaden the horizon by exchanging ideas with energy start-ups in Germany and East Africa. Together, we are advancing the energy transition worldwide.

One World, One Challenge: Different Solutions

Climate change and resource scarcity demand decentralized, renewable energy systems and smart solutions worldwide. This also requires constant innovation in Europe and Africa, embedded in local contexts, in order to achieve the greatest possible impact.

Startups solve the challenges of a decentralized, renewable energy supply out of their own context.

It is a departure into the unknown for both regions:

In Germany, starting from a central production towards a decentralized, renewable power supply and the integration of intelligent, grid-independent solutions for energy use.

In East Africa, starting from an unstable power grid with low coverage and numerous decentralized fossil energy sources (diesel, kerosene) towards an integrated on/off grid solution based on renewable energies.

Due to their different starting points, startups in Germany and Africa set different accents, but the diversity of experiences offers previously untapped opportunities.

Changing perspectives and thinking in a wider horizon offer decisive advantages if one wants to arrive at smart and sustainable solutions in one’s own context.

Startup|Energy promotes regional and international exchanges between start-ups from Germany and East Africa.

This is not about a one-sided transfer of knowledge, but about an equal exchange of ideas and solutions.

The goal:
Learning from other local contexts for your own startup idea.