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Green Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Program (GEEP)

Grassroot entrepreneurship

African governments will only succeed in the large-scale deployment of clean energy solutions if they gain the trust of consumers and local communities. To drive Africa’s desired transition to clean energy, youth are therefore key change agents.

Sub-Saharan Africa is not only the youngest continent (average age 20), the region also has the lowest rates of access to clean energy. For these young people, advocacy for clean energy is now often a very personal issue. The majority grew up without access to electricity. As a result, they personally appreciate the critical role clean energy plays in addressing the twin challenges of economic development and environmental sustainability.

For many Kenyans, setting up a small solar business in rural areas offers an attractive opportunity to secure their own livelihood and create jobs. Many see this modern technology as a market with great potential.

Our program offers these green grassroots entrepreneurs a double opportunity: they start their own solar business and at the same time become part of an entrepreneurial community that supports each other and shares experiences. A program that is undoubtedly unique in this form.

Here’s how it works:

In the first pilot phase, Solar Energy Foundation Kenya (the implementing organisation) works with Msolar Solutions Ltd, an off-grid solar distribution company in Kenya that is also supporting a wide range of SMEs access small-cash loans via their PAYGo business model.

With a network of 10 field branches in rural Kenya, Msolar brings to the GEEP, valuable grassroots-level operational experience in mobilizing potential SMEs and facilitating necessary logistics across the seven-step cycle. 

The program was successfully launched in July 2023: 43 participants, including 17 women, received basic training in business management.

In the next step, the young entrepreneurs are coached over four months in everyday life in order to transfer the theoretical knowledge into practical everyday action.

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This programme is only available in Kenya. For any questions how to join please contact Gathu Kirubi, Director of Solar Energy Foundation Kenya.