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In Uganda, many solar installations in rural areas are carried out by freelancers. These usually have little knowledge of solar technology and are therefore unable to provide customers with professional information. A special training program of the SENDEA Academy has remedied this situation since 2021 and has already trained more than 200 freelancers in solar technology.

After completing their solar training at the SENDEA Academy, selected students will receive several months of support to set up their solar company as part of a funding programme starting in 2023.

The participants will be able to run their small solar business independently and professionally at the end of the six-month programme.

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Here’s how it works:

Our support programme emphasises that the support is provided by experienced local entrepreneurs. This is because it is less about theoretical training and more about practical implementation in everyday business life.

The content of our programme includes areas such as product purchasing, customer acquisition, customer care, financing, accounting and business management in general.

Upon successful completion of the development programme, participants receive an interest-free loan in kind of up to 500 euros from a fund set up for this programme. The loan is granted in the form of solar products. If repayment is successful, the loan amount can be successively increased.

A special feature is that the SENDEA cooperative offers long-term support from local experts. This also includes the reliable supply of suitable solar products – often a bottleneck for small enterprises.

The first cohort includes 10 selected participants and will end in September 2023.

Two of our young solar entrepreneurs

Doreen Nabwire (24) runs a small shop selling electronic parts in Kamuli Buwenge, about 2.5 hours’ drive north-east of the capital Kampala. Batteries, light bulbs and electrical wires make up a significant part of her turnover.

Doreen wants to develop herself and her business and is therefore interested in solar energy. She has successfully completed the basic course at the SENDEA Academy and is now ready to take her first steps in the solar business by selling solar kits.

Reagan Kiyimba (27) comes from a small village east of Kampala in Mukono District. After training as an electrical engineer, he successfully completed the SENDEA Academy training programme in solar technology in 2022.

Reagan’s goal: to start his own small solar company. Because he is convinced that this technology will have a great future in his country. What he expects from SENDEA: practical support from other solar entrepreneurs and a basic stock of products.

Please note: This programme is only available in Uganda. For any questions how to join please contact Loy Kyozaire, CEO of Sendea Academy.