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Despite its enormous potential to transform the global energy sector, blockchain technology has so far been largely confined to the financial sector. But this is beginning to change as the Enterprise Ethereum blockchain emerges as the latest technology to boost growth in the energy sector in a range of
The youngest member of Next2Sun GmbH, Next2Sun Projekt GmbH, was founded this year and focuses on the development of vertical bifacial agri-photovoltaic plants in Germany. The Agri-Photovoltaic business segment is one of the most important megatrends in the national and international photovoltaic market. In Germany in particular, significant decisions
I didn’t understand the investment documents, and they’d changed the deal at the last minute. It was December 2008, the height of the financial crash. I was in Shanghai and horribly, horribly, jetlagged. I decided to just sign them anyway. A few years earlier I’d co-founded a British startup called
Do you have a mature product or business idea and/or a first prototype for the East African decentralized renewable energy sector? Then you are right at the Energy Camp East Africa! Individuals and teams who are in the (pre-)founding phase with their mature idea or whose start-up is no
If renewable energies are to continue to advance, cheap stationary electricity storage systems will be needed. The Munich-based start-up Phelas is convinced that it can achieve this goal with liquid air storage systems. Their special idea: The units for liquefaction of the air and the storage units themselves are
Bayernwerk Netz GmbH and Innofas GmbH have developed a flexible storage system made of second-life batteries. Since 19 February 2021, it has been tested at the Bayernwerk premises in Regensburg. Possible applications include Peak Shaving, the temporary increase in power for fast charging stations and the bi-directional charging of
On 22 February, Bavaria’s Minister of Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger awarded the three winners of the “Energie Start-up 2020 Bayern” competition. With 62 applications submitted, the competition was also a success in 2020: compared to the last call for proposals in 2018, more than twice as many start-ups had
The startup Aura Aerospace (San Francisco) has introduced Powercell, an energy storage system for drones that can be recharged in just ten minutes. This is possible because it is not a classic battery, but a supercapacitor. At the same time, the energy storage system promises more power for fast
According to Electrochaea, this works like this: In a first step, water is separated into oxygen and hydrogen using the excess current. This process is called electrolysis. In the second step, the archaea are used: the hydrogen is combined with carbon dioxide, the microbe then functions as a so-called
The newly founded startup PolyCrypt is rethinking blockchain technology and also enables transactions on the Internet of Things (IoT) without waiting time and at significantly reduced prices. For a successful transfer to the economy, the founding team is supported with its project Perun by the start-up secure funding program
Founded in 2019, gnuGrid uses AI-optimized sensors to monitor solar systems and collect data on power consumption used by solar companies for customized service delivery. gnuGrid bundles this hardware with digital payment transactions, predictive analytics, customer profiling and data management, among other things, to help solar companies work more
The Viennese start-up Swimsol has actually developed its floating solar panels for small islands. Within the framework of the X Accelerator network, the possibilities of use in Austria are also being explored.