Nim­ble Ener­gy: When the charg­ing sta­tion comes to the car

Czech start­up Nim­ble Ener­gy has unveiled a mobile charg­ing ser­vice for elec­tric cars. At the heart of the sys­tem called Nim­bee is a 42 kWh bat­tery with a max­i­mum charg­ing pow­er of 40 kW for CCS and CHAde­MO charg­ers. The bat­tery with 900 volt sys­tem volt­age is mount­ed on a trail­er, which the oper­a­tor brings with its own elec­tric car to the agreed charg­ing loca­tion. There, it starts the DIRECT cur­rent charg­ing process and then returns the bat­tery trail­er to the depot for recharging.