Photo: Martina Diemand

Numbat and tegut… implement fast-charging service at locations in Germany

The expansion of fast-charging infrastructure in the grocery retail sector continues to gain momentum. The cleantech company Numbat, a portfolio company of eCAPITAL AG, and tegut… will ensure a significant increase in fast charging stations up to 300 kW in central and southern Germany from 2023, leading the development towards a nationwide fast charging infrastructure.

“The battery of the e-car can be almost fully charged in 15 to 20 minutes while you do your shopping in the store: In the future, this will be possible at all of our customer parking lots,” promises Christian G√ľnther, responsible for energy management at tegut…, “This will make shopping even more convenient for our customers. In the future, charging the e-car will no longer have to be planned, but will be done quickly and conveniently on the side. This is an absolute benefit for our customers, because with this fast-charging option we are responding completely to their needs.”

Until now, the implementation of a fast-charging infrastructure has proved difficult. A complicated connection to the power grid, transformer stations with currently long delivery times for transformers, as well as serious construction measures and high investment costs prevented the necessary expansion of fast charging stations. In Numbat, tegut… has found a partner who solves these problems with an innovative technology. Numbat relies on a combination of fast charging station and battery storage. Installation is quick and uncomplicated, transformer stations are no longer required, and tegut… benefits on the one hand from a sustainable and directly implementable fast charging offer for customers. On the other hand, Numbat optimizes power consumption in the respective store through energy management and achieves cost savings.

Almost all tegut… locations with parking space will be equipped with one to a maximum of five fast charging systems with two charging points each as early as 2023. In addition, tegut…’s expansion will result in additional charging locations every year, as the fast charging systems will be planned from the outset for every new building in the future.

Martin Schall, Managing Director of Numbat GmbH, is also convinced by the cooperation: “With tegut… we have found another partner who focuses on sustainable, new technologies and knows what the world of tomorrow really needs. We can thus realize a project in the three-digit million range, which will catapult us to a leading provider of high-power chargers in Germany.”