Image: Numbat

Numbat raises millions for fast-charging stations with integrated battery storage

E-mobility is booming and Numbat, a cleantech startup founded in 2021, is right on time with its fast-charging solution. While the number of e-cars is growing exponentially, the expansion of the necessary fast-charging infrastructure is not keeping pace. As a result, e-car drivers often have little or no opportunity to quickly charge their e-cars. This is particularly evident in the area of high-power chargers (HPC), which are lacking throughout Europe due to high investment costs and a complex connection to the power grid. With a unique combination of HPC and battery storage, Numbat can make High-Power Charging a reality anywhere and for anyone. The fast charging stations are operated by Numbat under a platform model.

With a fast and straightforward installation, Numbat leads the market. High-power charging becomes economically viable thanks to the integrated battery storage. In addition, large construction measures are obsolete and the power grids are also relieved. In this way, Numbat contributes significantly to a successful energy transition and ensures independent high-power charging with high availability for everyone, everywhere.

The first 50 sites are currently being equipped, and by 2022 they will form the densest regional fast-charging network in Germany. In the completed financing round, Numbat was able to secure a medium, double-digit million amount. The young company will thus continue to grow and revolutionize the energy and mobility market with its innovative product. There are also already concrete plans for 2023: 600 additional systems are to further advance the expansion of a nationwide fast-charging infrastructure. Numbat’s goal is to become the leading provider of fast charging infrastructure in Europe.