Die EM-Power Europe ist die internationale Fachmesse für Energiemanagement und vernetzte Energielösungen. Im Fokus stehen die effiziente Verteilung und Nutzung erneuerbarer Energien und intelligentes Energiemanagement in Smart Grids und Microgrids. Weitere Schwerpunkte sind Netzinfrastruktur, Energiedienstleistungen und Betreibermodelle.
Das Wachstum der AgriVoltaik ist exponentiell und bringt eine große Chance mit sich. Aber auch die Verantwortung, echte agriVoltaische Systeme zu entwickeln und voranzubringen, bei denen die Erzeugung von PV-Strom notwendigerweise an die landwirtschaftliche Produktion gekoppelt ist.
At the PV Symposium, politicians, industry and researchers will meet for lively technical discussions on topics including the political framework of the industry, sustainable PV production in Europe, challenges in faster expansion, land potential, green roofs and neighborhood solutions, as well as power electronics, simulation and AI, operation and quality issues.
As a cooperation between Bayern Innovativ and the Munich Security Network, the Tech Days will be held for the eighth time. This year’s theme is Digital Innovation for Sustainability and Resilience.
More climate protection, more energy security, and more profitability: Reducing CO2 emissions has become a megatrend for companies and is the focus of decarbXpo. For all industrial and commercial companies that want to future-proof their processes and energy supply, and especially for energy-intensive industries.
Renewable Energy Grid Integration Week consists of a total of three high-profile conferences on renewable energy grid integration and attracts participants from around the world. This year, the 6th E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium, the 1st Hydrogen Power System Integration Symposium and the 21st Wind & Solar Integration Workshop will be held in Delft / The Hague, the Netherlands, from October 10-14, 2022.
The purpose of the E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium is to discuss the challenges that arise with increased power demand due to electric vehicle charging, and how they can be met by coordinating with renewable power production in the electrical system (hence the combination with the Solar & Wind Integration Workshop).
In order to be able to meet energy needs across all sectors in a climate-neutral way in the future, we need hydrogen produced in large quantities using renewable energies. At the 1st Hydrogen Power System Integration Symposium, international experts met and will discuss questions on how to make the transition to a large-scale application of green hydrogen.

sub-Saharan Africa

Optimizing the performance of PV systems plays an essential role in making solar power not only “cheap” but also long and durable – increasing dependence on unsteady sunlight. Intelligent control strategies and optimization methods are used in solar energy systems. Optimization strategies reduce system emissions and costs and maximize reliability.
The overwhelming response from the solar industry encouraged Expogroup to launch “SOLAR AFRICA”. After successful editions in Kenya and Tanzania, Solar Africa is now ready to conquer the Ethiopian market.
For 25 years, Power & Electricity World Africa has been the gathering place for the brightest and most innovative minds from utilities, IPPs, governments, large energy users, innovative solution providers and more from across Africa and around the world.
The Solar Show Africa looks back on a 25-year history and stands for innovation, investment and infrastructure – energy for the people. It’s about big ideas, new technologies, and market disruptions that are enabling the energy transition in Africa, and solar power generation.
ARIS aims to accelerate investment in renewable energy in African countries by bringing together institutional investors, project developers, policy makers, utilities, regulators, businesses and the most influential decision makers in the energy sector under one roof. The Energise Africa project is the most ambitious in Africa to date.
Targeting Uganda’s key industries, this exhibition provides international countries with a professional international business platform for exchanging industrial information and technologies, as well as preparing business, investment and joint ventures.

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