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Electrification of the transportation sector will impact the electric grid in several ways. This 3 half-day online course provides a complete overview of the process of integrating electric vehicles into the power grid.
In our symposium, we would therefore like to provide an overview of which solutions from the geosciences are possible and can be implemented in a timely manner. This includes both the use of the subsurface for the extraction of heat and raw materials and the storage of wind and solar power for later use. The options available to us in the supply of energy metals (such as lithium) and natural gas will also be addressed.
Die (Um-)Gestaltung urbaner Energiesysteme hängt entscheidend von den lokalen Gegebenheiten ab. Wir erläutern, welche Geodaten hierfür verfügbar sind, um eine realitätsnahe Repräsentation der aktuellen und zukünftigen Versorgungsaufgabe zu erzielen.
Schon heute kommt KI in der Energiewirtschaft bei Monitoring und Prognosen zum Einsatz. Morgen wird KI das gesamte Energiesystem steuern. Was das für die Technik, die Wirtschaft und die Netze bedeutet, hat das Kompetenzzentrum Kognitive Energiesysteme am Fraunhofer IEE in sog. Spotlight – Projekten erforscht.
Kenya Innovation Week is a product of the Kenya National Innovation Agency (KeNIA). The annual event is a flagship innovation forum for the country. Kenya Innovation Week aims to strengthen research and commercialization practices to achieve greater socio-economic impact.
IREC is a high-level policy conference series focused exclusively on the sustainable energy transition, serving as a collaborative platform for government, private sector, and civil society leaders to discuss how to advance renewable energy deployment. More than 60 high-level representatives will participate in this outstanding high-level conference on renewable energy.
Solar Africa – Solar Exhibition in Tanzania is an industry that transforms various resources into the physical, economic and social infrastructure necessary for socio-economic development.
The Sankalp Africa Summit is an event that inspires collaboration across the entrepreneurial ecosystem to solve global challenges in a sustainable way. We believe entrepreneurs are reshaping Africa’s economic opportunities to improve the lives of millions.
The Africa Energy Indaba Conference will discuss, debate and seek solutions for appropriate energy generation across the continent. Delegates from every continent represent a unique combination of industry experts, project developers, financiers, energy users, government representatives and manufacturers.
One challenge with islanding and microgrids is maintaining the balance between generation and consumption. It is therefore important to develop strategies on how to best match generation and consumption, and to find the perfect combination of conventional and renewable energy.