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Solar power has the potential to provide sustainable energy used for water pumping by more than 95%, compared to alternative resources. In this webinar, our guest experts will spotlight how Sub-Saharan African countries can work simultaneously towards agricultural development, gainful employment, rural poverty reduction and the sustainable management of natural resources, especially water.
In Africa, mini-grids have been identified as an important way to address the critical shortage of electricity. The creation of successful mini-grid ecosystems beyond pilot projects is now the focus of African governments facing severe bottlenecks, especially for their off-grid populations. Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana are just some of the countries that have framework conditions and supportive policies.
In recent years, the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD) has become a leading international forum for the most important players in the energy sector. High-level decision-makers from politics, industry, academia and civil society have the opportunity to share their experiences and ideas on a safe, affordable and environmentally sound global energy transition.
Programme focus • The current environmental performance of electric cars • Network integration of electric cars at home and at work • Decentralized large batteries to stabilize the distribution network • Further development of charging technologies for electric vehicles • Overview of today’s control options • Assessment of current legislative procedures (SteuVerG)
AgriVoltaics 2021 aims to connect the scientific community and promote international exchange in order to advance systems and technologies.
Kenya is poised to spend USD 2.1 billion on electrification of off-grid areas, with a focus on renewable energy: Under the country’s 2016-21 strategic plan, the Rural Electrification Authority plans to install about 450 solar-powered mini-grids. On the consumer side, it is estimated that about 25,000 to 30,000 solar PV products are traded annually in the Kenyan market.
The focus is on how to overcome the climate crisis with an increased expansion of solar energy and at the same time to contribute to the economic recovery after the pandemic.
The smarter E Europe is the innovation platform for the new energy world with four parallel energy trade fairs. Cross-sectoral energy solutions and technologies will be presented, bringing together all the topics of the new energy world as a whole.
The conference will allow native government officials, technicians, engineers, solar energy experts and entrepreneurs and business developers to interact and exchange information with representatives from leading international solar companies and foreign government agencies.
By bringing together global energy manufacturers, ECA Energy will drive new energy concepts in power generation, transmission, distribution, storage and energy consumption management. In line with the Africa Clean Energy Corridor (ACEC), the event will support the diversification of renewable energy technologies that include solar, biothermal, wind and hydropower.
A two-day event around off-grid solar, wind and hydropower systems and the self-sufficient power supply that has now firmly established itself in the scene.
E-world energy & water is the industry meeting point of the European energy industry. As an information platform for the energy industry, E-world annually brings together international decision-makers in Essen. The degree of internationality and the importance of the fair are constantly increasing. Meanwhile, one in five visitors to E-world comes from abroad.