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Solar power has the potential to provide sustainable energy used for water pumping by more than 95%, compared to alternative resources. In this webinar, our guest experts will spotlight how Sub-Saharan African countries can work simultaneously towards agricultural development, gainful employment, rural poverty reduction and the sustainable management of natural resources, especially water.
In Africa, mini-grids have been identified as an important way to address the critical shortage of electricity. The creation of successful mini-grid ecosystems beyond pilot projects is now the focus of African governments facing severe bottlenecks, especially for their off-grid populations. Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana are just some of the countries that have framework conditions and supportive policies.
In recent years, the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD) has become a leading international forum for the most important players in the energy sector. High-level decision-makers from politics, industry, academia and civil society have the opportunity to share their experiences and ideas on a safe, affordable and environmentally sound global energy transition.
The smart meter rollout has been in motion since last year. We want to discuss these and other questions (from you) at the web seminar, which challenges a network operator has to face in practice and how an accompanying communication strategy can be structured.
Customer-centric development of products and services is at the heart of agile working. It thrives on the consistent and early involvement of your customers. Learn how you can make this happen with a data-driven approach in the digital session “From customer request to energy transition product”. The web seminar shows you approaches on how to get from the customer request to the energy transition product.
Every year, 1 in 10 households changes their energy supplier. Digital products offer utilities a new touchpoint with their customers to build strong, long-term relationships. For example, our data shows that more than 50% of all prosumers use their energy app daily. Learn in the webinar how you too can offer your customers digital products and thus retain them in the long term.
On March 31, 2021, six startups that have successfully completed over a year of the AXEL Energy Accelerator’s Team Development program will be given a send-off. Whether solutions for energy storage, photovoltaics, the mobility transition or greater energy efficiency – our teams are active in many areas of the energy transition.
This webseminar is for companies and organizations that want to make green innovations and projects successful with funding. After an introduction to the search for funding and a typical application process, concrete, current announcements such as e.g. the “European Commission” and the “European Commission” are referred to. “Digital GreenTech – Environmental Technology Meets Digitalization”. Participants’ questions will be answered and support options explained.
90% of charging takes place at home or at work. The long standing times and comparatively low charging volumes there are perfect for solar charging. This makes e-mobility not only more sustainable, but also more affordable. Learn more about the possibilities of solar charging and how your customers can also recharge their batteries with solar energy in our web seminar.
German energy policy is focused on switching the power supply to renewable energies. This is an important component, but far from sufficient: 60 percent of emissions come from non-electrical energy consumption in industry, transport and the heating of buildings. Climate protection can only succeed through a fundamental transformation of the entire energy system.
The leading event in Germany goes into the second completely digital round and again sets standards in the political discourse of energy transition and climate protection. Over a total of six days, you can deepen your knowledge at more than 300 lectures, discuss controversial topics in over 100 individual events or network with the largest energy transition community in the DACH region. Register – free of charge!
As part of the project “Knowledge Transfer Upper Rhine” (KTUR), the “KTUR Startup & Innovation Nights” will take place for the first time. On two consecutive evenings, universities, start-ups, companies and intermediaries from the Upper Rhine region will have the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas on how the innovation network in the Upper Rhine region can grow and gain more supra-regional attention.
Programme focus • The current environmental performance of electric cars • Network integration of electric cars at home and at work • Decentralized large batteries to stabilize the distribution network • Further development of charging technologies for electric vehicles • Overview of today’s control options • Assessment of current legislative procedures (SteuVerG)
Stall 4.0″ is the world’s first on-farm energy management system (EMS) that takes animal behaviour and animal welfare into account and optimally combines the most extensive barn automation with decentralised regenerative energy production and intelligent grid connection. This seminar will address specific practical issues.