Q Cells and metergrid want to make photovoltaic tenant power scalable nationwide

Tenant power projects are becoming increasingly important. Tenant electricity is electricity generated in solar plants on the roof of a multi-party building and supplied to the end consumers (especially tenants) in this building without being fed through the grid. The tenant electricity model is equally attractive for landlords and tenants. The tenant electricity model is interesting for owners and landlords of apartment buildings because they can proactively and visibly set an example for the energy transition and fulfil possible solar obligations, increase the value and profitability of their property, retain tenants and also directly reduceCO2 in the energy supply of their building.

The model is attractive for tenants because they benefit from a constant and favourable electricity price structure, obtain their own home-produced green electricity, so to speak, and participate directly in the energy turnaround.

The practical implementation of tenant electricity projects has often been problematic in Germany in the past, as a nationwide scalable implementation was not possible due to the lack of supra-regional service providers and the necessary nationwide network of specialist partners from the installation sector was also not available without gaps. In addition, economic implementation was often difficult due to legal hurdles and the difficulties in managing and billing individual tenant electricity projects.

Q CELLS and metergrid are now solving these problems through their nationwide cooperation. Q CELLS acts as general contractor and tenant electricity supplier at the same time. Q CELLS offers real estate owners throughout Germany an attractive and tailor-made range of services for this purpose: from the lease of roof areas and the provision of the solar plant to the supply of electricity to tenants or the leasing of tenant electricity systems to the building owners. The core of the new offer is the new Q CELLS tenant electricity tariff.

metergrid acts as a tenant electricity expert during project implementation with its range of services. The central component of the cooperation is the provision of the metergrid platform for the administration and processing of tenant electricity projects, with which core processes, such as the billing of electricity deliveries, are digitalized. The open approach of the metergrid software makes it possible to optimally integrate the other IT applications of Q CELLS and thus implement an optimal solution for the customer.

The partners are currently implementing a first pilot project in an apartment building with 29 apartments in Freiburg. As general contractor, Q CELLS will be responsible for module supply, project planning and installation of the solar plant, and will act as plant operator and electricity supplier. As a service platform, metergrid is responsible for the automation of the administration and billing processes and, as an end-to-end solution provider, handles the concepts for metering, remote readout and procurement of meter technology.