STABL Energy closes seed financing of 4.5 million euros

STABL Energy has successfully closed a financing round of EUR 4.5 million and gained UVC Partners as a new investor. The capital increase was led by Energie 360°’s Smart Energy Innovation Fund. In addition, existing investors are participating significantly in the round, including the Initiative for Industrial Innovators and various business angels. The round was also made possible by Seitz-Partner, a leading law firm that advises start-ups and investors in financing rounds and growth phases.

«We are very pleased to have found partners in UVC Partners and the new investors who will help shape the success story,” says Ruth Happersberger, founder of the Smart Energy Innovation Fund and member of the Executive Board at Energie 360°.

«This investment round makes it possible to focus on growth and product development. With the new capital will be the team will be enlarged, existing partnerships will be expanded and the entry into the European market will be prepared”, says Dr. Arthur Singer, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of STABL Energy.

Battery storage is a key to the successful energy transition. They can store surplus electricity from solar and wind power and make it available when the sun is no longer shining or the wind is not blowing. STABL Energy is developing a technology that makes these battery storage systems more efficient, safer and cheaper.

Modular battery system for the storage of renewable energies

The core principle of the technology is to split high-voltage battery packs into many smaller modules that are dynamically interconnected using STABL technology. This concept guarantees a very high level of reliability and also improves safety – both in operation and during installation. In addition, this so-called multilevel approach means that less energy is lost during conversion, which reduces the operational costs of the storage systems.

Technology enables easy use of second-life batteries

In addition to using new batteries, STABL Energy’s innovative technology also makes it possible to reuse discarded batteries from electric cars. With the help of the modular inverters, battery modules can be easily transferred from electric vehicles to stationary storage. The STABL technology can easily handle the sometimes very different residual capacities of battery modules from electric cars. This means that the storage facilities can be used for longer, which lowers their carbon footprint and makes the energy transition more sustainable and affordable.

What the investors say

“We were particularly impressed with the team because they were able to take an innovative technology from university research and turn it into a working product with initial customers in a short period of time,” said Johannes von Borries, Managing Director of UVC Partners. “STABL Energy is an important building block for the widespread use of alternative energy and benefits from the trend towards battery-powered cars and energy storage.”

Metin Zerman, Investment Manager of Energie 360°’s Smart Energy Innovation Fund: “STABL Energy’s technology also makes battery storage financially attractive for many applications. Especially the flexibility and combination of different battery modules in one battery storage system – as well as the easy reuse of second-life batteries – make this concept extremely exciting.”

About STABL Energy

STABL Energy develops novel, modular inverters for battery storage. Founded in 2019 in Munich as m-Bee by Dr. Arthur Singer, Dr. Nam Truong, Martin Sprehe and Christoph Dietrich, STABL technology makes commercial, industrial and grid storage more efficient, reliable, secure and affordable.

The new approach also enables the seamless and easy integration of discarded batteries from electric vehicles. This increases the lifetime of these batteries, reduces their resource consumption and has a positive impact on the environment.