Three steps

We follow a three-step process for selection and ongoing support:



If you are shortlisted with your application, you will first receive two individual coaching sessions (online).

After that, you present your startup idea to two coaches, who then decide whether you will be accepted into the Accelerator programme.

But before you apply, check here carefully whether your startup is suitable for our Accelerator!
Does everything fit? Then you can apply here. Please note: An application is possible at any time.



Over 3-4 months you will receive intensive (online-)coaching from experienced entrepreneurs and experts. The sessions focus on the topics that need to be further developed or sharpened for the success of your company.

At the end of the coaching, you will have developed an improved presentation of your business idea. You will then present this in an online pitch in front of several coaches and the Startup|Energy Fellows.

After that, it will be decided whether you will be accepted for the next step:



Over a period of 3 years, as a Fellow you will have access to

  • Coaching on demand (up to 10 sessions per year)
  • Regular webinars on current business topics and ongoing sector topics
  • Access to sub-Saharan African Startup network
  • Participation in twice-yearly Energy Camps free of charge.
    At the Energy Camps, all Fellows meet together with the coaches and discuss practical questions and problems of each startup in depth.