Startups SAX Power and Commeo are winners of the ees AWARD 2021

An AC battery with integrated DC/AC converter and battery management system, energy storage solutions for 48 volt and high voltage applications as well as the battery storage solution “Encharge” are among the most innovative products in the field of batteries and energy storage – and are the winners of the ees AWARD 2021.

SAX Power: Digital AC battery for energy storage and e-mobility

After SAX, a long-time supplier to Deutsche Bahn, developed lithium-ion battery storage technology, SAX Power was founded in 2019. SAX Power’s digital AC battery features novel electronic circuitry that connects battery cells through cascading H-bridges. These circuits serve as both battery management systems (BMS) and DC/AC converters. The innovative BMS enables higher usable capacity and lifetime thanks to optimized cell balancing, the selection of individual cells to be charged or discharged and the ability to exclude defective cells. It should be emphasised that the patented, integrated power electronics mean that there is no need for an inverter. The solar storage units consist of 120 battery cells, each with a nominal capacity of 15 ampere-hours and a nominal voltage of 3.2 volts, for a total capacity of 5.8 kilowatt-hours.

The international jury of experts agreed on the revolutionary aspect of the integrated DC/AC converter and BMS: the system has a very high conversion efficiency and has the potential to significantly change the design of home battery storage systems. The jury was also impressed by the potential for the automotive industry: as an inverter is no longer required, safety in e-mobility is increased and costs are reduced.

Commeo: energy storage solutions for 48 volt and high voltage applications

The company, based in Wallenhorst near Osnabrück, has been developing and producing energy storage and energy management solutions since 2016. Its energy storage solutions for 48-volt and high-voltage applications up to 800 volts are scalable from 1.1 kilowatt hours to several megawatt hours. The highly modular solution is consistently geared to the needs of the customer. The solution combines various basic components: two cell formats with pouch and cylindrical cells, four different cell types, a control unit and housings.

The jury praised the system’s modularity and configuration options: up to 400 variations, including high-voltage applications, are possible. Standardization, flexibility and the ability to meet the needs of different users were also given high marks, as was the use for small or large commercial applications. Further plus points: The system meets all safety standards and can be integrated into standard control cabinet systems and thus into existing energy infrastructures. Commeo uses renewable energy in its production.

The third winner is Enphase Energy: “Encharge” robust modular storage solution

Enphase Energy, headquartered in California, designs and manufactures solar power storage solutions for homes and businesses.