1komma5° GmbH

1Komma5 plans to become Germany’s largest digital broker for installers and services related to solar systems, energy storage and charging stations. Instead of just writing scheduling software for businesses, the startup wants to buy in the know-how itself. It acquires majority stakes in specialist companies and merges them into a large holding company. In this way, processes could be streamlined, supply chains optimized and costs reduced. In return, Schröder wants the employees from the specialist companies to participate in his start-up.

The goal of 1komma5grad is to create the platform that will give everyone easy access to better, more affordable installation and service services for air conditioning technologies. According to the company’s estimates, there is a shortage of 300,000 technicians for the ecological transformation, who could screw solar systems onto 17 million house roofs, install electricity storage systems or expand the network of charging stations.

1komma5grad intends to invest 100 million euros in appropriate specialist businesses over the next two years, but by no means sees itself as a conventional financial investor. Rather, the concentrated operational experience is to be brought to bear on the business development of selected companies. In doing so, the company itself lends a hand and, in addition to equity investment, also supports the companies in growth financing with individual measures in order to be able to jointly achieve the corporate goals in the solar, energy storage and charging infrastructure sectors.

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