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Adaptive Balancing Power GmbH has developed an innovative flywheel storage system and a new business model for stabilizing power grids. The storage system can increase the share of renewable energy in the electricity grid, while at the same time reducing the CO2 emissions associated with electricity provision by up to 140,000 tons per flywheel storage tank per year. In addition, the high dynamics of the storage system improves the stability of the power grid.

Unlike all commercially available flywheel storage systems, an internal shaft is dispensed with. The design has a larger energy content, is easier to manufacture and more efficient in operation. The adaptation of the capacity and performance of the energy storage system is cost-effectively carried out by the modular concept developed by the founding team. The different variants of the storage system are implemented using 95% equal parts. The required total performance of a storage system is achieved by several parallel systems of the same design. As the only commercially available energy storage system, the storage system allows to precisely adapt the properties of the storage to the respective power grid. From the customer’s point of view, this drastically reduces the acquisition and operating costs for dynamic power grid stabilization. Especially in sparsely populated areas with low economic power (e.B. settlements in Africa, Siberia, Australia), the use of the product is a measure against the common energy poverty of the inhabitants. Adaptive Balancing Power offers individual storage solutions for island networks and industrial customers on the one hand, and standard products for interconnected networks on the other.

Adaptive’s customers include municipal utilities, power plant operators and grid operators. By upgrading their existing facilities with the storage system, they can generate annual additional revenues of more than €110,000 per MW in the control power market. Thanks to the modular system developed by Adaptive, the storage system is always precisely adapted to the requirements of the respective customer. Combined with the almost unlimited service life, the product provides dynamic grid stabilization more cost-free than any other existing solution.

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