AES Autonome Energiesysteme GmbH

The company develops innovative systems to recycle diaper and mixed waste directly on site. The resulting organic & plastic waste can be processed directly on site into pyrolysis oil by means of a pyrolysis process. This oil can be cached or used energetically. The target groups are small and medium-sized enterprises, shopping markets, hotels, fast-food restaurants, nursing homes, nursing homes and garbage collection centres.

The financial savings potential of the customers can be divided into three areas. Firstly, the waste heat from the plant can be used to cover part of the customer’s heat requirements. Secondly, some of the energy can be electricityd according to demand in order to reduce the external electricity supply. Thirdly, disposal costs will be significantly reduced, as the bins can be reduced to a minimum. In addition to the monetary benefits, customers can improve their “ecological footprint” and are more independent and future-proof in the energy and waste segment.

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