Air Profile GmbH

The Hessian start-up Air Profile has developed a globally unique laser measurement method for wind speeds. Wind speeds and directions can thus be measured precisely for the first time at altitudes up to 300 metres. This has consequences for the global wind-energy market.

Investors and wind farm planners need precise information on the yield their wind farms will generate at the proposed site. Wind speeds must therefore be determined precisely in advance. Wind measurement masts allow accurate measurements, but their construction is expensive and the height of modern wind turbines limits this technology. Cheaper and more flexible are so-called LiDAR systems, which scan an air range from the ground using lasers. Using tiny particles that the wind carries, they determine the wind strength. However, turbulence in the scanned area leads to large measurement deviations. Air Profile’s innovative LiDAR process significantly reduces measurement errors due to a novel opto electronics. Instead of scanning an entire area with turbulence, the Kasslers send only one laser beam vertically towards the sky. Wind speeds are also determined by blown particles in their system. However, the point measurement method takes turbulence into account and thus ensures more accurate results regardless of the location.

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