Amini Ltd.

Amini is a climate tech business that uses artificial intelligence and satellite technology to bridge Africa’s environmental data.

Amini is dedicated to tackling Africa’s environmental data gap through the innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI) and satellite technology. The founder and CEO of Amini, Kate Kallot, brings a wealth of experience in AI, machine learning, data science, and deep tech roles from renowned companies such as Arm, Intel, and Nvidia. Mwenda Mugendi, Muthoni Karubiu, and Eshani Kaushal, all members of Amini’s executive team, also have extensive expertise in machine learning, data science, geospatial analysis, and fintech, having worked for companies like as Microsoft, NASA, and MTN.

The capabilities of Amini’s platform are far-reaching. It empowers farmers by offering them crucial data on various aspects, ranging from crop planting and harvesting cycles to precise measurements of water and fertilizer usage. On a broader scale, the platform enables organizations to gain profound insights into the impact of natural disasters, flooding, and drought across the entire African continent. What sets Amini apart is its ability to leverage almost 20 years of historical data, combined with the regular updates produced every two weeks, providing a comprehensive view of the evolving environmental landscape.