BasiGo Ltd.

BasiGo is an electric mobility start-up that aims to revolutionise public transport by offering public transport bus owners a low-cost electric alternative to diesel.

Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, our team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs who have spent more than a decade working and innovating in the fields of electric vehicle technology, mobility in Africa and renewable energy financing. We are a team dedicated to creating a sustainable mobility revolution in Africa.

BasiGo will offer 25- and 36-seat buses with a targeted range of more than 250 km, allowing carriers to spend a full day on the road before returning to a recharging station.

To reduce the acquisition cost of its electric buses, BasiGo is introducing an innovative “Pay-As-You-Go” battery financing model. With this model, BasiGo offers electric buses at the same initial cost as diesel buses and then finances the battery and charging through a separate usage-based fee.