Bodawerk International Ltd

Bodawerk is an innovation and manufacturing company with a vision to become the main provider of e-mobility solutions for the African mobility and logistics sector. Their goal is to make it 100% electric while being economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

They offer manufacturing of new electric motorcycles based on the popular Bajaj Boxer 100 motorcycle model, as well as conversion of existing motorcycles by replacing the petrol-powered drivetrain with an electric one. They also assemble lithium-ion battery packs and rent them to motorcyclists in a subscription-based business model.

The young company is also working on other projects, such as an electrically powered wheelchair that will cost only a quarter of the normal price. Refrigerators powered by solar energy and an electric tractor are also under development. In general, the company focuses not only on the commercial aspect, but also on the social aspect.