CIST Africa Ltd.

CIST-Africa is a pio­neer and the first orga­ni­za­tion in the world to com­mer­cial­ize the pro­duc­tion of ethanol from cel­lu­lose. We shine with two col­or­ful prod­ucts, name­ly ethanol cook­ing fuel (renew­able ener­gy) and hand san­i­tiz­er. Our fuel is clean and afford­able, burns slow­ly but cooks quickly.

We mar­ket ethanol cook­stoves to low-income house­holds for home use. The fuel is afford­able at 70 KES/L com­pared to 100KES/L kerosene. Super Moto is said to have a high calorif­ic val­ue of 4.24 kcal/g com­pared to 3.22 kcal/g of wood fuel, which means it heats faster. When it burns, Super­Mo­to emits a neg­li­gi­ble amount of green­house gases.