Clean Energy Global GmbH

Clean Energy Global GmbH is developing a global, licensable standard for smart removable batteries / removable accumulators to enable its B2B customers to offer Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS).

Clean Energy Pack (CEP) is the only modular, scalable, exchangeable and smart battery system for stationary use and e-mobility with the IoT gateway Clean Energy Link (CEL). Electricity consumption is billed via the Energy Cloud Clean Energy Net (CEN), also as a white-label solution.

These three building blocks for the energy transition and electromobility can be licensed B2B as an ecosystem. The cost reductions through CEP and CEN in development and production enable the breakthrough of electromobility as well as smart plug-and-play standard in stationary applications. Battery-as-a-Service as a concept innovation has so far been continuously improved with the help of employee feedback from the energy suppliers E.ON, RWE and Innogy as well as the car manufacturers VW, Audi, Porsche, Daimler and BMW as well as Shell and BP.

The business model is B2B licensing and/or sale of Clean Energy Packs, Link and Clean Energy Net as standard to energy suppliers, gas station operators, car manufacturers or electronics manufacturers to enable the energy and transport sector to adapt their business model to the energy transition with an open innovative monopoly. This includes a smart grid ecosystem with Clean Energy Net, operated by Clean Energy Global worldwide.

Clean Energy Global GmbH was in the E.ON :agile accelerator and Shell New Energy Challenge from in 2017 to define first target markets for the Clean Energy Pack: Home Storage Energy Providers and E-Transporter and SUV Converters.

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