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With its GridEye optimization solution, DEPsys is targeting operators of power distribution networks, site networks, district solutions and microgrids who want to equip themselves with intelligent, digital tools for the energy transition.

By using GridEye, the network operator can gain a detailed insight into the network condition and behavior, reduce its network expansion activities and downtime, simplify planning processes, integrate more new, decentralized producers and consumers, and optimize its investments.

GridEye is an end-to-end solution that integrates quickly and easily into existing environments. It consists of specially developed, decentralized measuring and control units for low and medium voltage, as well as applications that generate added value from the measurement data. A secure, powerful web platform provides insight into the data and analyses.

Monitoring. The monitoring application maps the network state in real time. Custom thresholds inform the user of limit violations. Short and ground connections are also displayed.

Analysis. The analysis application provides detailed information about network behavior. GridEye is not content with simple current and voltage values, but offers all the data necessary to analyze the voltage quality.

Planning. With the right data, network planning becomes easier, faster and more accurate. Estimation is replaced by information about available network capacity and simulations. In addition, the real transformer ageing is mapped and the exchange planning is accompanied by a risk analysis.

Automation. Depending on the network condition and operator-defined specifications, the network is stabilized by optimized control of the existing flexion. This avoids critical situations without expensive and lengthy grid expansion despite large volumes of decentralized generation plants and consumers such as charging infrastructure.

GridEye is an open platform that can interact with external systems such as control rooms, smart meter, charging infrastructure and home energy management systems. It is constantly being further developed in close cooperation with network operators in order to be able to continue to offer relevant applications in the future.

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