ecoligo GmbH

As a wholly owned subsidiary of CrowdDesk GmbH, ecoligo invest GmbH operates the crowdfunding platform The platform focuses primarily on projects in the developing and emerging countries of Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa, especially in the field of renewable energies. is trying to promote citizen participation in the global energy transition. Citizens’ participation is based on through fixed-income subordinated loans.

On, the crowd, i.e. a large number of private retail investors, provides subordinated loans. This will build a solar system that supplies electricity to a customer. The pantograph does not pay for the plant, but only for electricity supplied, less than it would have to pay for electricity from the public grid. From the proceeds for the electricity sold, crowd investors receive their interest and loan repayments. At the end of the loan period, electricity customers will become owners of the plants – unless they have already purchased the equipment before the end of the term ecoligo.

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