Ecotutu is a Nigerian start-up that has found a way to mitigate the problem of local food waste. It delivers 100 per cent solar-powered cold storage facilities to businesses in rural and urban areas, especially those in the agricultural sector.

Most regions in Nigeria suffer from persistent power blackouts. Ecotutu addresses this problem by seeking to disrupt the entire cooling industry with affordable, solar-powered cold storage facilities that do not rely on a continuous power supply source (use of electricity). This means that farmers and other users can refrigerate their produce, food products or medical items easily and conveniently.

Ecotutu’s phase-cooling technology ensures that its fridges work for up to three days with either minimal sunlight or no power at all. The objective? To sustainably secure the local food chain.

The start-up’s business model is two-part: Managed services and original design manufacturer. Under the managed services model, Ecotutu provides cold storage facilities solutions to its customers. For instance, if a customer wants to use a fresh produce cold box to transport tomatoes to the market, they can rent it from the company. Under the original design manufacturer, the firm provides a customer with a design and Ecotutu builds a customised facility based on their specifications.

In the health sector, Ecotutu’s solar-powered cold storage facilities have enabled uninterrupted end-to-end refrigeration for medical items, while in the retail sector, the company has deployed a platform that creates complete visibility of the cold supply chain.