eFriends Energy GmbH

With eFRIENDS, anyone, regardless of their own living situation, whether in the house, an apartment, can easily obtain surplus electricity from other eFRIENDS customers in the tent or also offer self-produced and excess electricity. This happens via the eFRIENDS electricity marketplace. This means that you are independent of large energy companies and can determine for yourself where you get your electricity from and what happens to your electricity.

Our EnergyControl technology package measures the electricity at your home or home connection. It then sends this information to the eFRIENDS cube (a mini-computer) that is connected to the Internet. Then the information is exchanged with your personal eFRIENDS, who needs a lot of electricity and has surplus. Then the electricity is allocated or obtained according to your specifications (e.B. prioritizes first from a relative). This information is then displayed on the eFRIENDS Watch and in the eFRIENDS app.

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