Eigenheim Manager GmbH

With the help of the app of Leipziger Eigenheim Manager GmbH, homeowners can now manage and optimize their home online. All contracts, i.e. care, insurance and financing, are recorded and linked to other information, for example on consumption and expenditure. The digital cockpit not only provides an overview of all information, but also provides evaluations as well as comparison and exchange options.

The heart of the home manager is the digital cockpit. Here, the meters can be created, stands can be recorded and thus the consumption can be more easily identified. It graphically shows the costs of the past twelve months and the average cost per month per square meter. This allows cost drivers to be quickly identified. By connecting comparison portals and service providers, the home manager enables a convenient change directly from the app if required.

Häuslebauer has many advantages through the app: On the one hand, it helps users to reduce consumption and thus reduce costs. On the other hand, the home manager helps them meet deadlines, manage important documents and maintain the value of their property through documented maintenance.

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