Energy Mavens GbR

The Energy Mavens help in the design of electricity products that focus on the needs of today’s household customer. Through their empirical approach, RU products can be aligned with the true preferences of their customers.

Our idea is to bring end customers and energy providers, such as regional municipal utilities, back together. We have found that both have become highly decoupled in recent years. For this purpose, we supply the data via conjoint analysis.

The conjoint analysis comes from psychology and is also used in marketing. The key questions are: What are the characteristics of a product and how do these characteristics contribute to the overall benefit for the end customer. From the point of view of a municipal utility: What are the characteristics of an energy transition product? How do I price it? Where do I position it and to whom? By querying the opinions of end customers early, we manage to get to a customer-centric design early on and to make energy products more efficient.

As a result, our approach enables the disclosure of willingness to pay, exchange hurdles and target group-specific specificities. This enables an RU to design, place and price your products precisely.

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