Energyminer GmbH

Energyminer develops and operates novel kinetic hydropower plants. We solve the ecological problems of classic hydropower. Through our hydroelectric power plants, the rivers are preserved in their natural form or, with our plants, renaturation becomes possible, while at the same time electricity is generated from hydroelectric power. Fish are 100 percent protected with us and can pass through the facilities undisturbed. The plants float in the river. You can imagine it simplified as a small wind turbine with a protective frame in the water. The installation is done completely without concrete or dam.

Energyminer is an electricity provider that develops and operates kinetic hydroelectric power plants. Energyminer makes this type of power generation economical for the first time with extremely low power generation costs without negatively impacting nature. This is thanks to a patent-pending new technology that increases energy yield by up to 82%. The completely new plant concept simultaneously leads to a cost reduction of approx. 86%. By exploiting the potential of this technology, CO2 emissions in Europe can be reduced by up to 10%.

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