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Enerthing’s photovoltaic films use artificial light in buildings to produce electricity. They are so powerful that they can reliably supply energy to various IoT devices with transmitters, receivers and sensors. This has the great advantage that the regular replacement of batteries is no longer necessary.

Unfortunately, the climate balance of batteries is not impressive: the extraction of lithium and other raw materials needed for batteries requires many resources.

One way to replace batteries is to use organic photovoltaic films. They make electronic components and sensors independent of the annoying climate offenders. The Enerthing solar film consists of thin film solar cells. These particularly thin solar cells are well suited for indoor use, are particularly efficient and collect enough energy to supply electronics with electricity, even in low light conditions or artificial light. The manufacturing process is simple: the solar cells are printed on foil. This way, they can be easily bent and used in difficult-to-reach parts of buildings or appliances. The efficiencies of the young technology are twice as high as for conventional solar cells – and at half the cost of production. In the future, the Enerthing solar film will be integrated into interiors on a large scale, making entire industries independent of batteries.

In order to produce the solar films, Enerthing has developed a special module and processes that are temporarily used on machines from the paper finishing and film processing industries. In this way, the project uses existing capacities and keeps investment costs in its own production machines low. The Enerthing solar film can thus be manufactured according to demand and the market. The so-called roll-to-roll process is produced and in this way particularly cost-effective and in high quantities.

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