Ensi­buuko Tech Ltd.

Ensi­buuko is a lead­ing fin­tech com­pa­ny based in Ugan­da that is com­mit­ted to finan­cial inclu­sion in Africa. Mobis micro­fi­nance soft­ware devel­oped by Ensi­buuko helps com­mu­ni­ty-based micro­fi­nance insti­tu­tions auto­mate their data, process­es and pay­ments to effi­cient­ly deliv­er finan­cial ser­vices in their com­mu­ni­ties. Our plat­form is wide­ly used in Ugan­da and is also avail­able in Zam­bia, Tan­za­nia and Nige­ria through partners.

Ensi­buuko’s founders were born and raised in rur­al, farm­ing Ugan­da and have expe­ri­enced first­hand the dif­fi­cul­ties of a defi­cient bank­ing sys­tem and the oppor­tu­ni­ties micro­fi­nance can bring to their house­holds. Ensi­buuko was found­ed in 2014 out of a need to address a real prob­lem affect­ing mil­lions of Africans: the prob­lem of access to rel­e­vant and afford­able finan­cial services.