Green­foot Africa Ltd.

eMo­bil­i­ty as a Ser­vice (eMaaS): we use elec­tric micro­mo­bil­i­ty, dig­i­tal tools and access to clean ener­gy to enable effi­cient and sus­tain­able move­ment of goods in Africa’s urban food sys­tems and local con­sumer markets.

We know that mobil­i­ty plays an impor­tant role in our dai­ly lives. It deter­mines how we move from A to B and how we put the next meal on the table, but we also know that it is one of the things that most affects our lives and the envi­ron­ment. So we’ve decid­ed that we’re going to do our best to change the way we get around, espe­cial­ly the way we trans­port all the goods we con­sume every day locally.

And e‑mobility is the best can­di­date with the great­est poten­tial to change the way we get around.