Greenwell Energy GmbH

We “recycle” old oil or gas wells and convert them into clean geothermal wells – we clean up, completely eliminate hydrocarbons and produce green clean renewable energy from the remnants of the oil industry. Drilling holes several thousand meters deep costs millions of euros. The oil industry has already spent this money on the search and promotion of fossil fuels. Now that these wells have dried up, they must be properly shut down so that these wells do not pose a threat to future generations. Since the conversion to a geothermal borehole technically costs little more than decommissioning – it makes sense to do so! Greenwell is a start-up founded by two former members of the oil industry with a green soul and complementary skills – one with a background in oil technology, the other in environmental technology. The team was completed by an international marketing expert and lean start-up enthusiast and was founded in 2018.

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