Guraride Ltd.

Guraride com­bines smart bikes, elec­tric scoot­ers and e‑bike shar­ing into a sin­gle app, allow­ing users to choose their pre­ferred mode of trav­el, and aims to take over the first and last mile in Africa. Guraride has set up dock­ing sta­tions at var­i­ous strate­gic loca­tions per dis­trict in each city where it operates.

With the help of a mobile app, one can locate the near­by dock­ing sta­tion as it is also equipped with a GPS. Each user takes out a cor­re­spond­ing mem­ber­ship with Guraride.

Guraride starts in the cap­i­tal Kigali. The project is to be grad­u­al­ly extend­ed to the whole coun­try. There are plans to expand to oth­er satel­lite towns such as Musanze, Rubavu, Buge­sera and Huye.