Heimladen GmbH

Heimladen controls the charging infrastructure of your property’s parking spaces. Tenants can flexibly book a wallbox on a subscription basis, including green electricity.

Heimladen has developed a “wallbox subscription” as a business model. Starting at a monthly rate of 35 euros, the company provides the charging hardware (a wallbox from easee, with load management if there are several charging points), takes over the operation and also the management including billing of the charged green electricity. The “all-round carefree package” also includes maintenance; in the event of a fault, the company says the device will be replaced “quickly, easily and free of charge – there is no technical or financial risk for the user” compared to a typical purchase. The subscription can be cancelled monthly.

In addition to the subscription, which is primarily aimed at the residents and users of the properties, there is also a special offer for companies in the real estate sector: For properties with at least 10 charging points, Heimladen has developed a standardized and affordable solution for charging e-vehicles. If this is installed, residents can then use the infrastructure via the wallbox subscription.

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