HILABS, Haq Innovation Laboratories, have developed the ABBy rechargeable zinc-air battery.

The battery technology consists essentially of the BATTERY ABBY, which can be filled with a liquid “Electric Liquid”. This liquid contains metal particles made of zinc, which is very inexpensively available. The battery can suck in oxygen from the ambient air. This creates a chemical reaction in the battery, which produces electrical current. Once the liquid is discharged, it can be pumped out of the battery and recharged with green electricity. The battery can then be refilled with the charged liquid. This concept offers enormous advantages over established battery technology.

Because ABBY can be produced three times more cheaply than the established Li-ion battery and does not pose any risk of explosion or combustibility, larger battery storage systems can be produced more cost-effectively, which are also very safe. This facilitates decision-making for households and industry for the purchase of a decentralized solar storage system. This gives everyone the opportunity to contribute cost-effectively to the reduction of CO2 emissions. The self-produced electricity can be used (e.B. for charging the electric car) or fed into the grid.

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