iGas energy GmbH

iGas energy GmbH develops, produces and distributes innovative plants for the production of nutrients and energy from aqueous organic waste and plants for the energy storage of excess electricity by means of high-pressure PEM electrolysis.

In the treatment of organic waste, iGas energy makes all substances contained in the sludge fully recyclable. No waste materials are produced, only recyclables that are fed into the material cycle. The new HyGas process is not only suitable for sewage sludge: other organic wastes can also be processed in the same plant, such as organic waste such as green cutting or marc, fermentation residues from biogas plants and manure, but also waste from the food industry.

With the new procedure, iGas energy solves an already existing problem, which will become significantly worse with the entry into force of the new sewage sludge regulation: In future, sewage sludge may only be incinerated in waste and co-incineration plants and applied in large quantities in agriculture if the phosphorus contained in the sludge is recovered. So far, there has been no solution to this.

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