Kiri Energy Ltd.

KIRI currently designs, manufactures and markets high performance electric vehicles, mopeds and motorcycles. KIRI’s product portfolio consists of six series, an e-moped, the Funstar, with intelligent functions and three electric motorcycles for urban traffic, the Nomad, Nimbo and Moran. The different product ranges target different segments of modern urban dwellers and meet the needs of different urban transport scenarios, united by a common design language that emphasises style, freedom and technology. KIRI has adopted an omnichannel retail model that integrates offline and online channels to sell its products and offer services.

KIRI is working to become a leader in the smart electric two-wheeler category and is committed to continuously providing customers with more comfortable and environmentally friendly smart urban mobility vehicles to redefine urban mobility and make life better. KIRI’s lifestyle brand stands for technology, style and freedom.