Kyon Energy GmbH

Kyon Energy develops, projects and operates storage technologies for an independent, sustainable and socially acceptable energy supply. These stabilize the power grid and enable a clean, sustainable and socially acceptable energy supply with renewable energies. They store electricity at times when surplus energy is not needed and feed it back into the grid when demand is high. In this way, they reduce bottlenecks in the grid and sharp fluctuations in the price of electricity. Overall, this will allow more renewable energy to be added.

From the beginning, the motivation behind Kyon Energy was to drive the energy transition. It is hard for us to understand why so little has happened here in recent years. Current political developments here impressively demonstrate how important it is to be able to rely on a stable, independent and cost-effective energy supply. That’s ultimately why we created Kyon.

The founding team behind Kyon Energy consists of energy business expert Florian Antwerpen, and the two series founders Philipp Merk and Adrian Kapsalis. Before Kyon Energy, Philipp and Adrian already founded and successfully sold the VC-funded startup Loewi.

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