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The main business areas are energy system analyses as well as heating grid and generation plant simulations for design.

Heating network simulations: The optimization of the heating grid operation leads to a reduction of primary energy consumption by reducing the heat and pressure losses caused by the associated reduction of fuel demand. In the same way, optimization opportunities and the integration of renewable energy sources create the possibility of reducing the CO2 emissions associated with heat distribution. Through detailed simulations of your heating network operation, we show you the optimization potential and create the possibility to better control the network operation by means of a digital twin.

Generation plant simulations: Whether it’s self-generating plants for supplying residential buildings and industrial companies or feed-in systems from energy supply companies– we can model your generation systems and show you how to control the operating times of your plants against the background of different management variables. For this purpose, we have developed different operating strategies, depending on the intention of the operators, which can be taken into account in the simulations.

Consulting services: In addition to software-based simulation and energy system analyses, we also support you in the context of traditional consulting services in the energy sector.

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