LeafTech GmbH

LeafTech develops smart shading systems that help reduce energy demand, ancillary costs and CO2 emissions from buildings. For the technology that is optimally adapted to the prevailing conditions, we analyse the energy balance on the window, correlate it with the behaviour of the building users and then offer our customers the best technical and economic solution.

By feeding this model with weather data, energy consumption patterns, and user behavior, Leaftech anticipates future energy and comfort requirements. The analytical results transform smart home and building automation systems from reactive to proactive control.

LeafTech is the first company to combine all information about the facade element or window examined, including the nearby shading influences such as balconies, the surrounding buildings and current weather conditions, in an API.
From the raw data, we calculate the current conditions on the facade in real time and pass on the results via web service to building automation and shading systems.
Compared to available hardware sensors, our API-based sensors are much more sophisticated and much more accurate. In this way, we get the most out of building and shading automation and at the same time increase customer comfort and energy efficiency.

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