Limawa Technologies

Limawa aims to tackle the issues of food conservation and transportation; to reduce post harvest losses
With our solar powered refrigeration units designed and made locally by our team, Limawa offers an innovative and cost-efficient alternative to industrial/diesel compressors for the cold chain industry. This solution is suitable for trucks, containers and trailers. Limawa has designed the first SOLAR POWERED REFRIGERATED TRUCK in the region. What make our solution unique is :
– Lower fuel consumption with the power of the sun
– Cost Savings on Fuel
– Low Maintenance cost – Eliminate additional load on the engine vehicle ( No bracket, belt or compressor )
– Vehicle engine failure does not effect the cooling system; the refrigeration is independant
– Less Noise Pollution
– Long life Battery; extented functioning autonomy
– Green Technology – Elimination of emissions associated with diesel exhausts and global warming.